Nobody really enjoys the rental car process, but Continental and Avis have teamed up to inject it with a bit of 21st-century tech that could make the whole thing a bit smoother.

Continental and Avis Budget Group announced today that they’re testing an entirely keyless rental-car system. Using a smart device, renters will be able to lock, unlock and even start their rental car without needing to hunt down a physical key or key fob.

All in your phone

The system relies on Continental’s Key-as-a-Service technology, which doesn’t require any change to the circuitry or the underpinnings of the car itself. It’s just a few hardware modifications, and it relies on Continental’s backend services.

« By partnering with Avis Budget Group, we are able to bring this innovative technology, backed by the deep automotive know-how of Continental, to new customers, » said Ralf Lenninger, head of Continental’s intelligent transportation systems, in a statement. « We look forward to working with Avis Budget Group to explore and further develop the efficiencies and future possibilities that this solution provides. »

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